DNK is a creative fashion studio that tailors both bespoke garments, as well as ready to wear clothing made in small batches. In the creation of models and collections, the focus is on the so-called slow design. The collections use materials that are of high quality, uncompromising when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade in Serbia according to the highest standards.


The DNK studio pushes the boundaries in the design and creation of models in its collections, which are characterized by a combination of sensuality and individuality. Special attention is placed on aesthetics and on the sensibility of the modern woman and her needs, which result in wearable models with an emphasized author’s stamp. Each season is built on the previous one with a sense of reinvention. To recreate and reimagine is a journey through the past combined with a look into our emerging future.

Synonyms that describe DNK-signed models are consciousness, straightforward, comfort, and elegance. The fabrics are carefully selected and shaped to conform to both body and spirit contour. The models are adapted to the sensibility and needs of modern women, resulting in easy-to-wear garments with a distinctive touch. Simple but thoughtful, sensual, and strong, our collection is designed for living.

Naslovna Slika Revija Dnk


The author of the collection and the founder of the DNK brand is fashion designer Dragana Nikolajević. She graduated in costume studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade. She has participated in numerous fashion events in the country and abroad, as well as numerous group and solo exhibitions. She is a member of The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia (ULUPUDS) and the winner of the Annual Creativity Award in 2015. In addition to clothing design, she is engaged in artistic and experimental work in the field of sustainability and the application of new technologies in clothing.