Restoring a previous version will replace the version you have on your computer now, so be sure it’s the right one. Once it’s restored to an earlier version, you cannot undo this action. Your item will be restored to its original location on the computer at the time you deleted it. If you’re not sure where this is, either because you failed to take note before restoring it or you forgot, use the search box from the Startup menu to find it.

However, this way only backup one file at a time, you have to repeat the process to back up other Notepad files, so it’s not the ideal way. Find the unsaved text file , and copy it to another place. Change the temp file extension to the text file that you deleted it.

Your posture and behaviors can communicate nonverbal messages—whether deliberate or accidental—to the interviewer. Walk into the room confidently and with your shoulders back and head high. Once seated, sit up straight and lean forward toward the interviewer slightly to show you are paying attention and interested in what they are saying. Avoid crossing your arms, fidgeting with your hands or performing nervous habits such as playing with your hair.

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TestDisk has versions for Linux, macOS, and legacy Microsoft systems like Windows 98, 95, and even MS-DOS. TestDisk is free and comes bundled with PhotoRec; a photo recovery app. Both TestDisk and PhotoRec are portable applications, so they can be run from a USB drive. It’s well respected in the IT world, as shown by its inclusion in almost every LiveCD including Hiren’s BootCD, Parted Magic, and Ultimate Boot CD.

Notepad++ saves changes to temp files as long as file is open. If file isn’t saved, and is changed by another software, it asks if you want to use newer version or not. This gives you option to save current as copy to another file. This becomes really problematic when you forget to save a document you’ve created, or are editing, and accidentally shut Word down without saving. Here, we’ll show you how to recover an unsaved Word document on Mac, and how to recover any file you think may be lost.

To ace an interview, learn all about the company’s needs for the position. Then know the common interview questions you’ll face. Imagine interviewing four or five candidates for a position and trying to remember later the qualifications of each. Think of a few people who would be able to vouch for your abilities. They should be people who are familiar with your skills and would be able to express why you are a good candidate for the job you are qualified for.


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The company isn’t looking for a flawless, rehearsed speech in the interview. And they’re definitely not looking for note-reading. The only exception is if you want to bring a list of questions to ask the company. And also think about how to explain to this potential employer why you want the job, how this opportunity fits into your career goals, etc. This is true whether you’re having a video interview, attending an in-person interview, talking to an entire interview panel, or taking part in any other type of interview. While it’s acceptable to bring notes to an interview, there are some ways it can harm you if not done correctly.